Everything You Need To Know on Montessori Learning Towers

Everything You Need To Know on Montessori Learning Towers

How many mothers every day, while preparing lunch or dinner, have to pay attention to their little ones at the same time?

To avoid problems, many mothers buy children's enclosures, where the little ones can play and have fun in safety, while they can devote themselves to the activities at home in complete tranquility.

But this is an ideal world, because things almost never go like this. Children, especially in the first years of life, feel the strong need to always be close to their mother. And seeing that their reference point pushes them away and places them inside a fence, may not be the right way to avoid desperate tears and whims of all kinds.

In this regard, the Montessori method suggests never isolating a child, limiting their activities or the process of discovery, but rather encouraging the latter through a guide. The parent, as well as a teacher, should not be identified as the one who limits the actions or thoughts of the child, but as the one who guides all of this.

Children also need to experience danger, of course with due caution. But they need to learn for themselves what to do and what not.

Independence, explains the Montessori method, is not something that is acquired later, but must, on the contrary, be trained to be developed.

A child cannot be expected to be successful in life unless he or she has been taught to be independent first. And with success we don't just mean making appropriate professional choices, but just feeling satisfied and happy with our decisions.

When you are a parent, times are fast, you don't have time to dwell on your actions.

You are committed to taking care of the child, but probably if you stop for a moment to analyze your behavior as parents, your words or your actions, you would understand that they are precisely those that are absorbed by the little one like a sponge.

From this perspective of thinking that emphasizes responsibility, self-discipline and independence, the Montessori method was born, which has already won over many parents.

The learning tower or wooden tower is a Montessori product, ideal for leaving your children free to explore independently, but in total safety.

Children can stay next to Mum or Dad while they are in the kitchen or somewhere else in the house, while the parents go about their daily chores.

The wooden tower allows the child to remain standing at the height of the Mom or Dad and to look closely at what the mother or father is busy with.

In this way, the child does not feel limited or "set aside" in an enclosure which, although full of games and comforts, is still a space perceived as an anti-whim or anti-hindrance parking.

But let's take a closer look at what the Montessori wooden tower is and why you should have it at home.


Why buy a Montessori Learning Tower?

If you like the image of you and your child standing in the kitchen, preparing lunch or dinner, perhaps listening to good music, then this is the Montessori product for you.

The Montessori wooden tower helps you to live time together with your child in a qualitative way. He or she can stay next to you and maybe help you prepare meals or just have fun with you.

The advantages of buying a Montessori tower are recognized by millions of Mothers and Fathers who have tried it and now never leave it. In some cases it is the children who search for the tower as soon as they wake up in the morning.

It is not a bulky or difficult object to move, the children themselves carry it around the house with them.

Furthermore, when the child may grow up and cannot be used anymore, it can always be closed and stored in a small space, because it is conceived as a space saver.

The Tower is built with a natural wood, not treated with paints or other. It is eco-friendly and the base color is neutral, perfectly adaptable to home furnishings.

But that doesn't mean you can't repaint it to your taste. Indeed, it is a stimulating and creative activity that you can do with your child.

In short, a product that involves the child from multiple points of view.

But are all Montessori towers the same? Not really, although they all meet safety and reliability criteria.

We know the two Tower learning that parents liked the most.

Montessori Tower Ette Tete

A product that leaves no room for doubt in terms of advantages.

Here are some of the focal points identified by parents following the purchase:

  1. Develop independence and autonomy
  2. Help your baby grow
  3. As a family, we do everything together
  4. You will be able to cook without your baby coming in your arms
  5. Turn household chores into moments of growth
  6. Studied according to the Montessori method
  7. Robust, solid and safe
  8. A design element that matches your decor
  9. The perfect gift for Christmas
  10. Your baby can carry it around
  11. Guaranteed excellent wood quality

It is also an FSC certified product, therefore sustainable.

Montessori Bianconiglio Kids wooden tower

Also a Montessori product much sought after by parents, also for the Kid Safe function totally Made in Italy. The Kid Safe system is an anti-rollover system that guarantees, even more, greater safety for the parent.

The recognized post-purchase benefits are:

  • Safer
  • Robust
  • Manageable
  • CE EN71 certified
  • Hand finished

The rounded edges and smooth, smooth surfaces give it that greater beauty, but also the certainty that the child will not get hurt by bumping into it, while maybe he is outside the Tower playing.

Generally the question that a parent immediately asks is: but is the cost high?

Well, a safe investment needs to be done. But it is about the quality of your child's time and safety, there is little to think about that.

The wooden tower is easy to assemble, conceived with a design that adapts to any furniture, but above all it is a great support for Mum and Dad, because it helps to do everything at home, without giving up the pleasure of spending a good time. with your baby.



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